I have found your dietaodkuchni.pl on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when searching for Joanna Jamry | Dietetyk kliniczny. If you do mass email sending, I thought that you may be interested in the below.

Send thousands or even millions of emails for FREE. No caps, no hidden charges: just a smart software that can send out unlimited emails for FREE. Free lifetime licence and updates. I can confidently say that there is no other software on the market like the CBT Mass Email Sender.

We have made some significant updates to our mass email sender which includes the following:

3 Ways of sending bulk emails

– DNS sending – send unlimited emails from public IPs using the local IP address: coffee shops, office IP, hotel, etc. (ideal for bulk email blasts)
– Send emails via proxies (public and private)
– send emails from your custom SMTP servers

The above updates will allow you to achieve a high inbox rate without getting blacklisted.

To learn more, head over to https://cbtmassemailsender.com

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